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  Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of the Society are to promote the cultural, education and social well being of the members of the Society residing within the NCTD. In particular, the aims and the objectives of the Society are:-
To provide the members of the Community a forum for exchange of thoughts on social, cultural, economic and educational problems of the society both on national level and with particular reference to Kerala and for this purpose to associate with the Nair Service Society in Kerala and elsewhere. However, this Society will be an independent organization, registered in Delhi under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, as applicable to the NCR and shall seek affiliation or join hands with similar organizations for the promotion of its objectives as the General Body of the Society may deem fit.
To inculcate a feeling of fraternity, inter dependence, mutual trust and confidence amongst the members of the community.
In the event of any unforeseen and indeliberate ill luck befallen on any of the members, to earnestly sympathise with them and to render all possible and necessary help and service both physically and materially.
To mediate and to settle amicably any dispute amongst the members of the community.
To train, encourage and help the members or any other persons(s) selected by the Society for the work of the society.
To establish, run and main in suitable localities, schools, vocational institutes, orphanages, hostels, hospitals, ashrams etc.
To establish libraries and reading rooms;
To remove differences prevailing amongst the members of the Nair Community and to establish uniform social customs and usages and to combat social evils like dowry, extravagant expenditure on social functions and ceremonies.
To work for upliftment of the socially and economically backward sections of the community.
To acquire property, both movable and immovable, and to raise funds and utilize them for promoting the objects and interest of the Society.
To raise funds, take loans/grants from Government or other institutions, national and international, for the purpose of promoting the interests of the Society.
To convene meetings, seminars, symposia, conventions and to organize cultural programs for promoting social and spiritual understanding.
To take membership of other organizations/societies, help, aid and participate through representatives in functions of such organizations/societies, which may foster and promote the interest of the society anywhere in India and abroad.
To participate in the efforts of other communities for the betterment of their lot and maintain and foster communal harmony and to promote the welfare of Hindu Society as a whole and the cause of national integration.
To function and render services to the community on a non-profit basis.
To do everything lawful for the achievement of the above aims and objectives.
To improve, administer, add to, exchange, mortgage, sell or otherwise dispose of the properties of the Society in full or n part.
To aid and promote or to assume the management of and to take over the rights of other institutions/associations which are being run with an object conducive to the betterment of the Society.