Chattambi Swamigal


He was Born in a very poor house hold to Nangamma and Vasudeva Sharma, in the year 1853 onAugust 25th in a village in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Because of poverty, he was robbed off the opportunity to get a proper School Education. He was not even permitted to sit with Students from Brahmin community who were taught VEDA in the Temple where his mother was an employee engaged in menial job.

However, being a genius, He transcended the infinite borders of knowledge to discover the thread of universal love inherent in all sentient beings.
He was a Sage who taught humanity that all living beings equal and the whole universe is one mind . Between mind and mind there is no vacuum.

He was a close Associate of Sree Narayana Guru who recognised him as his Guru as illustrated in many of his writings.

In the year, 1892 he came across Swamy ViVekanada at Cochin.
Swamy Vivekanada acknowledged him as a “wonderful Man” for his scholarly knowledge of VEDA and Indian heritage , who could lucidly narrate and demonstrate the tathuvik meaning of Chinmudra.

The learned Sage, dedicated his life to working against untouchability and discrimination on any grounds . He attained his Samadhi on 5th May 1924.

In 1934, Mahatma Gandhi spent two days offering prayers at His Samadhi Sthan at Panmana, Quilon, Kerala. It is no wonder, Mannathu Padmanabhan adored him as Spiritual Guru of Nair Service Society.

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