Mannathu Padmanabhan

Storey of Mannathu Padmanabhan is the storey of an extra ordinary leader and a Social Reformer who worked with conviction for the upliftment of his Community and welfare of every one.

Mannathu Padmanabhan was born on 2nd January 1878 to Parvathy Amma and IsharaN Nambudiri in a poor family.

He had the initial education in Kalari – a traditional village School .After finishing his education at the Kalari, he was sent to a Malayalam School, but, he was forced to give up study because of of the bad financial situation.

His meagre Education was marked by intermittent breaks and some he passed lower grade Service Test.

He worked as a Teacher in a village School for some time. Later, he passed Magistrate Eligibility Examination in vernacular language, and practised as a Pleader in a Magistrate Court. But his interest waned Off in the profession and his life was drawn to Social Life. He relentlessly worked for removal of untouchability and brought a low cast man to his home, ate together and the utensil used by such low cast man was washed by his mother.

History had recorded how he violated temple entry prohibition prevalent in those times and took with him low cast men to the village temple for prayer with him much ahead of the Formal Temple entry Proclamation by the Rulers of that time.

Nairs were once an extremely powerful Community in Kerala. The British Regime and the activities of the Christian Missionaries eroded the position in course of time and the Ñair Community fell into a state of distress. It is from this State of debilitation that Mannam redeemed Nairs by single handed effort and dedication.

He founded Nair Service Society on 31st October 1914, motivated the Nairs to shed superstition, organised Nair Karayogams and established hundreds of Educational Institutions and brought about reforms in rituals and cultural practices.

He was a true Social Reformer and Renaissance National leader and in recognition of his service to the Nation he was awarded “Padmabhushan“ by Govt. of India in the year1966. Mannam a great “Karma yogi”left his physical body on 25th February 1970.

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