Nair Service Society Delhi has been doing outstanding service on social, educational, cultural and economic fronts for the well being of the members of the community and also others. Some of the services are:


Matrimonial website for facilitating the members of the community is an ambitious project of NSS, Delhi. Though there are a number of matrimonial websites in vogue, the members of the community face lot of difficulties in selecting suitable bride or groom of their choice because the data in those sites are bulky, cluttered and not user friendly. In order to assist our members in easily selecting a bride or groom, NSS Delhi has started a matrimonial website . This site is user friendly, less expensive as compared to other sites and contains sufficient data. Since the irrelevant and outdated data are removed periodically, the members can choose their bride or groom very easily. To visit our matrimonial website please click here


NSS Delhi has been giving a lot of importance for the promotion and preservation of the rich cultural heritage and art forms of Kerala. Traditional art forms cannot be protected just by staging them. A comprehensive development for their sustenance is needed which would require the active participation of the youth. With this perspective in mind a separate wing of NSS Delhi under the banner “SAMKEEKSHA”was conceptualized in 2015. The aim of Sameeksha is to tap and develop the immense talent of our youth in art, cultural, socio economic and educational fields.

During the last 3 years, Mannam Jayanti Celebrations, Chattambi Swami Jayanti, Navarathri Sangetholsavam, art and cultural competitions for our members and their children were held under the banner of SAMEEKSHA. Competitions were also held for athletics, cricket, football, drawing & painting, quiz and other games. We held career counseling, personality development, marriage and parental counseling sessions etc. under the guidance of eminent counselors for the benefit of our youth.


While “SAMKEEKSHA” was formed to involve the children and youth from the Nair community to practice, promote and preserve, inter- alia, the cultural heritage and art forms of Kerala by organizing competitions and celebrating festivals, the primary aim of ‘ Sargakalavedi’ is to tap the immense potential of our senior members.

It can be declared with utmost conviction that the traditional art forms reflect the ideals of the society, its determination to survive, its ethos, emotions, and so on. “SARGAKALAVEDI” was formed in coordination with “Sameeksha” to tap the immense and rich talents of our senior members, both men and women, irrespective of their age who could perform, teach and direct various art forms of Kerala. Their rich and varied expertise would help the youth in developing and harnessing their talents in the respective fields.

A “Mega Thiruvathirakali” involving around 1000 women was organized which was the first of its kind in Delhi. This was really a spectacular extravaganza.


The purpose of Jyothirgamaya is to spread spiritual awareness among the members of the community and to enlighten them about the great values of Hindu mythology. Several interactive sessions have been held under the auspices of Jyothirgamaya throughout Delhi mainly during kudumba sangamam of various Karayogams to educate community members and their children about hindu rituals, customs, traditions etc. Discussions on religious topics and quiz programmes based on Hindu mythology were also held during such Kudumba sangamams.


The present Government has attached a lot of importance on skill development and women empowerment. Keeping this in mind, NSS Delhi had started a skill development programme for women at Mannam International Centre, Dwarka. Two batches of women have already completed their certificate/Diploma course in cutting and tailoring. We are proud to say that most of these women have adopted these skills as an income earning for their family and are self dependent now. Apart from MIC, Cutting and Tailoring classes are now being held at three different places under Karayogams.


Kalaripayattu is considered to be one of the oldest martial art form still in existence, with its origin in Kerala. The purpose of learning Kalaripayattu, as Guru says, is not to attack anybody but only to defend attacks from others. Since it is the traditional martial art form of Kerala, NSS Delhi thought it fit to teach this martial art to our younger generation (boys and girls) so that they would feel more safer to live in a metropolitan city like Delhi. Classes are regularly held at Mannam International Centre, Dwarka under the guidance of Guru Murugam Gurukkal.

Similarly, Kathakali and Mohiniyattam are the traditional art forms of Kerala. Several students learn both these art forms for which classes are held at MIC Dwarka.

Yoga can be defined as a means of uniting the individual spirit with the universal spirit of God. Regular Yoga classes are held at MIC and several members, their families and people from outside nair community attends these classes. Regular practice of Yoga creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; relaxes the mind; centers attention; and sharpens concentration.


Nair Service society Delhi has been issuing a quarterly news bulletin called E-Vartha incorporating the activities and events held at various Karayogams. The soft copies of E-Vartha are circulated to all members through their respective Karayogams regularly. The see latest version of E-Vartha, please refer under Heading Publications.

Nair Service Society Delhi provides free legal advice to needy members and their families on various issues ranging from family disputes, post marriage disputes, property disputes etc. Those members who are desirous of obtaining legal advice can approach the NSS Legal Cell at Mannam International Centre Dwarka.


In order to assist our members and their families in times of distress, a 24×7 helpline is functioning from the Mannam International Centre Dwarka which extends all assistance to members in times of need. Members of the community visiting from Kerala can also avail the benefits of this helpline.

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